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Innovating on a budget
What does it take to succeed?
You have the creative spark, but lack the know-how to make it happen.
While big corporations can hire all the expertice needed to create and market new products, bootstrapping startups and lone inventors must be self-reliant..

Given the challenges they face, bootstrapping startups with innovative products need to become informed about issues such as patents, licensing and marketing of their inventions. The following articles may be of interest to the tech startup looking to launch a new, innovative product.

1. Will a patent protect my Invention?
How and when does a patent  protect an invention?
Should I prepare and file my own patent application?
A few things to think about before starting out

2. How to prepare and file your own patent application
Filing a patent application can be expensive.
It can stretch a start-up to the limit, and sometimes beyond. But it need not be.
Here's how to get a head start.

3. Software Patents
Is there a light at the end of the tunnel following changes in the rules that govern software patents? What does it mean for the Minimalist Inventor

4. Monetizing an Invention  
Invention marketing strategies. Make  Or Licence?

Handle with Care

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Climate accords are not   enough to stop global warming.

INNOVATION is needed
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Solve the problem of greenhouse gas emissions

About me:
My name is John Wolff. I'm not a lawyer, but I had the opportunity of working in a patent law firm for two years, preparing and filing patent applications on behalf of clients. I also worked in a Venture Capital firm, evaluating patents of investment applicants, and provided advice and assistance to start-ups in a business incubator. I have prepared and filed patent applications for my own inventions in electronics, software and alternate energy.

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